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  • Who is W4Energy Group?
    W4Energy Group is an authorized producer of electricity from renewable sources and the first Romanian company producing electricity with private investors. Thanks to the successes recorded since the launch of our first W-F500 Project, which aimed at the sale and construction of 8 photovoltaic parks, the W4Energy Group company has gained a solid reputation on the renewable energy market. We are proud of the fact that in just a few months we have achieved the performance of having a vast portfolio totaling over 16.4MW of installed capacity. With a dedicated team and a clear vision of the future of clean energy, we contribute to the global transition towards sustainable and non-polluting energy sources. The solid experience in the industry and the impeccable reputation have brought us notoriety as a serious and reliable company. Our fundamental values, business ethics and commitment to quality, guide us in every aspect of our activity. We focus on continuous innovation and sustained development and are always up to date with the latest technologies and trends in the field of solar energy, and this allows us to offer state-of-the-art solutions, as well as the best prices for investments in photovoltaic parks.< /span> We pride ourselves on a strong policy of transparency, each stage of our projects being thus open to discussions with our partners, offering them a complete understanding of the process and ensuring we fulfill our promises. For us, establishing a relationship based on trust and transparency with our partners is an extremely important factor in concluding a sustainable partnership.
  • What is the difference between prosumer and electricity producer?
    If you decide to invest in solar energy, find out that you can do it as a producer or prosumer. The producer of electricity from renewable sources is an entity or a company that uses renewable energy sources to generate electricity and that sells the energy produced on the electricity market at the market price, having as its object of activity strictly the production of electricity . The prosumer is the final customer who owns electricity production facilities, whose specific activity is not the production of electricity, who consumes and who can store and sell electricity from renewable sources produced in his building, including an apartment block, a residential area, a shared, commercial or industrial service location or in the same closed distribution system, provided that, in the case of autonomous non-domestic consumers of energy from renewable sources, these activities do not constitute their primary commercial or professional activity. The difference between prosumer and electricity producer is given by: · Object of the activity - the specific activity of the producer is represented by the production of electricity from renewable sources, while that of the prosumer according to the law, this must not be his primary commercial or professional activity. · Production/consumption flow – the producer produces and delivers/sells electricity from renewable sources to the final consumer, while the prosumer consumes and produces electricity from renewable sources, and injects the surplus into network. · Production capacity – the manufacturer uses systems and equipment with a power greater than 400kW, the installed capacity of a photovoltaic power plant can vary from 1MW to several hundred MW, while the prosumer can produce and use equipment with an installed power of less than 400kW at the place of consumption. · Legislative stability – as a producer of electricity from renewable sources, the law is clear, undergoing only a few changes over time, while the law of the prosumer often changes, which creates uncertainty and the impossibility of predicting a long-term investment.
  • What risks does investing in a photovoltaic park involve?
    As a potential investor in a photovoltaic power plant, you certainly wonder what risks you are subject to before concluding a partnership and whether your investment is a safe one. When you have decided that investing in solar energy suits you and your financial goals, choosing the partner with whom to start the journey is extremely important importance and you must pay attention to several aspects before making a decision. The first and most important aspect is to make sure that the partner with whom you want to invest is a producer of energy from renewable sources and not a developer of photovoltaic parks with status of prosumer. Investing with an energy producer offers you much more security in the long term due to legislative stability, as well as multiple financial advantages, because the development potential is unlimited. At the same time, you must pay attention to other considerations, such as: - Company reputation. Before choosing an investment partner, it is necessary to make sure that he has a good reputation in the field in which he operates, an irreproachable conduct in business, as well as a strong policy of transparency, all of which form the basis of a partnership relationship based on trust. - The seriousness of the partner. Along with the photovoltaic boom, there were also situations in which solar park developers did not finish their works, or could not connect them to the grid, because they did not have all the necessary documents to do so. Before concluding such a partnership, it is extremely important to inform yourself, to check the already completed projects of the future partner, to make sure that it is a serious company, that respects its word and above all, respects you, as an investor and partner. - Obtaining the necessary authorizations for the construction and commissioning of the park. To build and operate a photovoltaic park in Romania, it is necessary to obtain a series of authorizations from the competent bodies. Make sure that your partner provides you with these documents, as well as all the necessary authorizations for the construction and commissioning of the park, such as: obtaining the urban planning certificate, the DTAC, the solution study, the ATR, the Authorization of Construction etc. - Owned land. Before opting for the investment in a photovoltaic park, make sure that your partner is the owner of the land on which the park is located, so that the contractual period is respected, and your investment is safe for as long as you want to keep it . - The materials used. Investment in a photovoltaic park involves concluding a contract for a period of at least 20 years, with the possibility of extension. In order for your investment to be as long-term as possible, it is necessary that the lifespan of the park be as long as possible. How can this be ensured? Through the use of high-quality materials for the construction of the park, as well as high-performance photovoltaic systems that keep pace with technological progress, thus ensuring the best yield in order to produce electricity. - Maintenance. As in any industry, in order for a photovoltaic park to have a life span as long as possible, it must be maintained. Make sure that your partner offers complete maintenance services for the good functioning of the park, as well as for an increased performance of the photovoltaic systems. - Assurance. We never know what tomorrow may bring, unforeseen situations can appear at any time. In order for your investment to be protected against meteorological phenomena that can affect the photovoltaic systems and their performance, as well as against cases of destruction, theft, fire, etc., the park must benefit from an "all risks" insurance that covers all these situations, the task that falls under the responsibility of your partner. - Development potential. If at the beginning you are a little skeptical and want to start with a smaller investment, but along the way you convince yourself that you have made the right choice and want to increase your investment, then you must make sure that it can be scaled and that you have growth potential with it of the partner with whom you decide to start the journey. It is extremely important to choose as your partner a producer of electricity from renewable sources, to the detriment of a developer of photovoltaic parks with prosumer status. Why? Because together with a producer, the development potential is limitless. You are not limited to the 400kW per place of consumption, on the contrary, you can increase your investment at any time, which will automatically generate a much higher profit, as well as a shorter amortization period.
  • What projects has W4Energy Group carried out so far?
    The first project developed by W4Energy Group is the W-F500 Project which aimed at the construction and sale of 8 photovoltaic parks, which are located in areas with the maximum efficiency of capturing solar energy and producing electricity, the surface of each park being included between 5,000 sq m - 7,500 sq m. The choice of the park locations was made taking into account multiple factors such as: exposure to the sun, the slope of the land, the climate, as well as the access to the infrastructure, all of which aim to maximize the production of electricity. On the surface of each park there are +/- 800 photovoltaic panels, the production capacity of a single panel being ±500w. The photovoltaic systems used are of the best quality and with the highest energy efficiency, from top manufacturers, such as LONGi Solar. Each panel occupies an area of 2 square meters to facilitate access in order to ensure maintenance. The power supply to the network is carried out by means of inverters produced by HUWAEI, the world leader in the production of single-phase and three-phase inverters, as well as by means of transformer stations. The installed capacity of a park within the W-F500 Project is 400kW, with an estimated production per year of ~730MW, and the total capacity of the project is 3.2MW with an estimated production per year of ~5840MW.
  • What project is W4Energy Group currently developing?
    As an authorized producer of electricity from renewable sources, W4Energy Group is launching a new extremely ambitious project, the W-F600 Project, which aims to build a 1MW photovoltaic park, strategically located in Ilfov County, which is located in the South Romania, the sunniest area in the country. Benefiting from a high number of sunny days throughout the year, we will thus maximize the energy potential of the park and ensure a sustained and constant production of solar energy. The choice of the area was made taking into account other important factors such as the slope of the land, but also the access to the infrastructure. The W-F600 park stretches over a generous area of +/- 13,000 square meters and will host +/- 1850 high-performance and most energy-efficient photovoltaic panels, which are produced by LONGi Solar, one of the most major producers of photovoltaic modules worldwide. Each panel has a production capacity of ±550w. The panels are placed in equal rows, on galvanized steel metal structures, which are mounted in concrete, to provide protection against wind and bad weather. Thanks to the attention we pay to details, as well as the experience that characterizes us, each component of the park is specially thought out, so as to maximize the efficiency of electricity production and ensure its longevity, by using the highest quality materials. To facilitate access to the panels in order to ensure maintenance, each of them occupies an area of approx. 2.9 sq.m. The panels are monocrystalline, which are the most performing and efficient photovoltaic systems on the market, having a double level of efficiency compared to polycrystalline type. To connect them to the electrical network, we use inverters produced by HUAWEI, which is the leader on the world market in the production of single-phase and three-phase inverters, with an efficiency of 98.7%. The installed capacity of the W-F600 Park is 1MW, with an estimated production of 150,000 kW/month and 1,825,000 kW/year. · Installed capacity: 1 MW · Total area: 13,000 square meters · Component: total of ±1850 photovoltaic panels with a production power of ±550w each. · Estimated production per year: 1,825,000 kW/year
  • During what period does this project take place?
    TIMELINE PARK W-F600 Stage 1: 15.08.2023 – 15.09.2023: PRESALE Stage 2: 15.09.2023 – 30.10.2023: SALE 1 Stage 3: 01.11.2023 – 31.12.2023: SALE 2/ Start Construction Park W-F600. The development of the necessary documentation for the construction and commissioning of the park is provided by W4Energy Group. All documents are obtained before the park is put up for sale and include: · The property documents of the land where the park is to be built. · Elaboration of documentation and obtaining the urban planning certificate - photovoltaic plant and connection to the grid. · Development of DTAC documentation - photovoltaic power plant and connection to the grid. · Development of a solution study. · Obtain technical approval for connection (ATR). · Obtaining construction authorization (AC) - photovoltaic plant and connection to the grid. · Evaluation of energy efficiency. · Elaboration of Topographical Study. · Elaboration of Geotechnical Study and pile tests. · Elaboration of Hydrological Study. · Detailed project - Photovoltaic Power Plant (PT, DDE, as built). After the completion of the first two stages of the sale process of the park, its construction begins, which includes the following: · Purchase of materials and equipment, including: the steel required for the construction of the fence and support systems, photovoltaic panels, inverters, cables, etc. · The land is prepared by determining the cadastral marking, leveling and compacting it. · Excavations are carried out for the grounding of AC and DC cables. · The fence that will surround and secure the photovoltaic systems is being built. · The metal structures that will support the panels are being built. · The photovoltaic panels are mounted on the metal structures. · Wiring and connecting them to the inverters is done. · The transformer station is wired and connected. · Once the construction of the park is completed, the process of injecting energy into the electricity network begins.
  • What does W4Energy Group provide?
    · Obtaining all the approvals and authorizations necessary to put the photovoltaic panel park into operation, as a producer of electricity from renewable sources. · Designing the photovoltaic park. · The land on which the park is located, over which W4Energy Group has exclusive property rights. · As an investor with W4Energy Group, with the purchase of the solar panels, you will own a share of the land on which the park is located. The share is calculated in relation to the relevant surface occupied by each individual panel. The land is given as a loan during the entire contractual period, it being registered in the land register. · The preparation of the land, which includes three stages: the cadastral marking of the land, its leveling and compaction. · Arrangement of access roads. · The photovoltaic park fencing system consisting of the construction of a galvanized steel fence, which is a durable and corrosion-resistant material. · The metal structures on which the panels are placed, which are also made of galvanized steel and are fixed in concrete, thus ensuring a solid and durable base, as well as a correct and efficient positioning of the panels, so that they can capture as much solar energy as possible. · Mounting the photovoltaic panels on the metal structures, which is carried out with the help of specially designed fastening systems to be safe and stable, being positioned at an optimal angle to the Sun and oriented to the South, so that it benefits from the greater number of hours of sunlight. · Connecting the photovoltaic panels, which is done by means of solar electric cables, which transport the energy produced to the inverter. · Cabling and connection up to the substation, where copper electrical cables are used, resistant to weather and solar radiation. · Inverters that are produced by HUAWEI, world leader in the production of single-phase and three-phase inverters. · Energy injection into the electricity network. · Conclusion of the contract with the electricity supplier. · Real-time monitoring of the performance of photovoltaic systems through the HUAWEI FusionSolar application. · The insurance of the photovoltaic park, which is of the "all risk" type, thus being protected both against meteorological phenomena and against accidents, cases of theft or destruction, etc. · Ensuring the security service through a specialized company. · Payment to investors. · Monthly reporting to investors. · Preparation of annual income statements, for each individual investor.
  • What are my advantages as an investor?
    · The opportunity to become an investor in solar energy having as a partner the first Romanian electricity producing company together with private investors. · By becoming a W4Energy Group partner within the W-F600 Project, you will join the producers of electricity from renewable sources, which will provide long-term stability to the investment made. · The conclusion of a partnership based on trust, transparency and sustainability, for at least 20 years, with the possibility of extension, thus ensuring a stable flow of income for a long period of time. · Free reservation for the desired investment package, valid for 2 days. · Status of the sole owner of the purchased panels. · Share of the land on which the park is located, calculated in relation to the related area occupied by each individual panel. The land is given as a loan during the entire contractual period, it being registered in the land register. · Diversification of the investment portfolio by adding an element of stability and sustainability to it, thus reducing the exposure to specific risks of other sectors or industries. · Amortization of the investment in 4-5 years, the period that can vary depending on the value of the initial investment. · The profit brought by the photovoltaic park is a guaranteed one, from the first moment when it is put into operation. · When you purchase the panels in the project stage, the purchase price is lower, but once the park is put into operation, their price will increase, which will automatically generate profit. · The possibility of scaling the initial investment, by reinvesting the profit in the following projects. · Discount of 3%-10% for the investment in the following projects. · The costs of a photovoltaic park, both construction and maintenance, have dropped considerably in recent years, which offers an attractive return on investment. · The possibility of selling the initial investment, which will automatically bring you profit. · To ensure increased transparency of your investment, we will issue monthly reports, documents and information regarding the investment made, as well as financial performance. · Each project is managed with professionalism and dedication, thus offering our partners security and confidence in a long-term cooperation and a successful result.
  • How do I invest?
    Once you have chosen the investment package that corresponds to your objectives, a contract will be concluded between the parties through which you will purchase the number of kW according to the chosen package. These kW are represented by photovoltaic panels, which will be purchased from W4Energy Group, which will ensure their management, for a commission of 5% of the monthly production. The price of the packages will vary depending on the development stages of the W-F600 Project, as follows: Stage 1: 15.08.2023 – 15.09.2023: PRESALE Stage 2: 15.09.2023 – 30.10.2023: SALE 1 Stage 3: 01.11.2023 – 31.12.2023: SALE 2 W4Energy Group also ensures the necessary logistics for the placement of photovoltaic panels, as well as the entire process of putting them into operation, up to the injection of energy into the network, therefore, once the contract is signed, all aspects of the investment are managed by our company, and everything all you have to do is enjoy the profit.
  • What is the contract period?
    The contract is concluded for a period of 20 years with the possibility of its extension.
  • What is the amortization period of the investment?
    The amortization period of the investment can vary depending on its value, therefore, the larger the investment, the shorter its recovery period. The amortization of the investment is estimated to take place between 4 and 5 years, after which it will generate only profit.
  • What is the warranty period?
    The photovoltaic panels used by W4Energy Group are produced by the LONGi Solar company, which is one of the largest producers of photovoltaic modules worldwide and have a guarantee of up to 25 years related to both the product and its performance. The materials used for the construction of the fencing system, as well as the metal structures, are of the best quality, in order to provide safety for the entire contractual period.
  • Is the park insured?
    The photovoltaic park benefits from "all risk" type insurance, being thus protected both against meteorological phenomena, as well as against accidents, cases of theft or destruction, etc. The conclusion of the insurance contract falls under the responsibility of W4Energy Group, so that your investment benefits from maximum security, without additional costs.
  • What are the maintenance services of the park?
    W4Energy Group ensures the maintenance of photovoltaic panels and the smooth development of electricity production, for a commission of 10% of the amount that must be transferred monthly to the investor. Considering that their performance can decrease by up to 20% due to the accumulation of dust on the glass surface, maintenance will be performed periodically, so as to maximize their efficiency. At the same time, the maintenance also provides: · Regular checking and maintenance of photovoltaic panels; · Verification of inverter systems and AC switches; · Checking cables and connections; · Checking and cleaning the protection systems; · Checking the operation of the installation performance monitoring system; · Verification of the support structure; · Analysis of the state of strings and transformers; · Inspection of the power system; · Repair or replacement of used or defective equipment.
  • How much does a photovoltaic park cost?
    The costs of building a photovoltaic park vary depending on its size, production capacity, as well as other factors such as the quality of materials and equipment used. Thus, the price of a photovoltaic park can vary between several hundred thousand euros and up to several million euros.
  • What happens to the production of the park if it snows?
    The production of the park will not be affected by snowfall, because the panels will be cleaned of snow, a service that is included in the fee paid for maintenance services.
  • What happens if a panel breaks down?
    In case of failure of a panel, it will be replaced, the cost being covered by the monthly fee paid for the maintenance services, as well as by the product warranty.
  • I want to purchase kW in a photovoltaic park, but I do not agree with the contractual conditions. Can they be changed?
    Yes, the contractual conditions can undergo changes following some prior negotiations, so that they adapt to your particular situation.
  • After how long will I receive the monthly payment?
    Once the process of energy distribution in the electricity network has started, after approximately 45 days from the closing date of the month, the supplier will make the payment of the counter value of the energy produced to our company, and within 5 working days the payments will be made to investors, according to the contract
  • Will I appear as a shareholder in the company that owns the parks?
    No, because you will have the status of owner of the photovoltaic panels and you will also benefit from a share of the land on which the panels are located, which will be given to you as a loan during the entire contractual period.
  • How many investors can be in a photovoltaic park?
    After reaching the investment threshold necessary for the construction of the park, new investors are no longer accepted.
  • How can I increase my investment?
    As a partner of W4Energy Group, you have the opportunity to increase your investment in the photovoltaic park by purchasing kW in the following projects, thus benefiting from a 3%-10% discount for the next investment.
  • Can I withdraw my investment?
    If at some point you decide to sell your business and at the same time the investment, as the owner of the panels you can withdraw whenever you want. You can thus sell the panels over which you have the right of ownership, but respecting a notice according to the contract concluded with W4Energy Group.
  • What is photovoltaic energy?
    Photovoltaic energy is considered one of the cleanest and most sustainable forms of energy, because it does not produce greenhouse gas emissions, does not require fossil fuels to be produced and above all, it is an inexhaustible source. Solar energy is captured through photovoltaic panels, which can be used in two ways: · Installed on homes, commercial buildings or institutions, with the aim of strictly producing the energy required for the buildings on which they are installed. · Within some photovoltaic parks, which can be located on large areas of land or even on water, and which produce electricity on a large scale, thus becoming a real alternative to the classic energy network electric.
  • How does photovoltaic energy work?
    Photovoltaic energy is produced by direct conversion of sunlight into green electric current by means of solar cells (semiconductors). When sunlight is absorbed by them, solar energy releases electrons from their atoms, and their orderly movement produces electric current. This process of converting light (photons) into electricity is called the photovoltaic effect. Solar cells are combined in modules, which are then mounted in photovoltaic arrays and can reach up to several square meters. These flat photovoltaic panels are mounted so as to capture sunlight throughout the day.
  • What is a photovoltaic park?
    A photovoltaic park, also known as a photovoltaic power plant, represents an infrastructure dedicated to the production of electricity on a large scale, by means of photovoltaic panels. These parks are designed to capture solar energy and transform it into electricity, occupying large areas of land or water, depending on the capacity and purpose of the project. The size of a photovoltaic park can vary, from a few hundred kilowatts, such as 400kW photovoltaic parks, and can reach up to several hundred megawatts, depending on the power generation capacity required. Photovoltaic parks are usually located in areas with good exposure to sunlight, such as open lands, deserts, mountainous areas or even on water, thus offering the best conditions for the establishment of a photovoltaic park. The energy produced by solar panel parks is often used to feed electricity grids, thus providing clean and sustainable energy for consumers.
  • Why investments in photovoltaic parks
    Romania is among the countries that emphasize the development and spread of photovoltaic parks in as many areas of the country as possible. Photovoltaic panel parks represent a market in full development that has gained more and more notoriety in recent years, offering numerous investment opportunities. The production and distribution of green, sustainable energy offers a predictable and safe future in the business environment. Due to its geographical location, the territory of Romania presents a significant potential for the establishment of photovoltaic parks. Romania benefits from a high level of solar radiation, having approx. 210 sunny days per year, which means that there is a significant amount of solar energy available, with an annual flow between 1000 kWh/m2/year and 1300 kWh/m2/year. From this amount of energy, between 600 and 800 kWh/m2/year can be captured. The advantages of investing in such a technology are almost unlimited, considering the fact that the sun is an inexhaustible source, and the costs for the construction of a photovoltaic park have dropped considerably in recent years. In addition to the benefits of protecting the environment, solar energy has a huge profit potential if you choose to invest in this growing market.
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